Governor’s Official Club Visit Checklist

It is Customary for the District Governor to officially visit all the clubs in the district, once in a year. As an officer of the Rotary International in the district he observes the working of the club, both internally and externally, and advises and guides the Club. He has to complete the following minimum programs during the official visit.
While meeting the club President & Secretary, the Assistant Governor & the President Elect must be present in the meeting.
While conducting club assembly, all the directors, club committee chairmen and members of the club should be present.
On the occasion of his official visit, DG addresses the Rotarians and the invitees, at a public function. At such meeting, avoid any Guest of honor, Special guest, Keynote speaker etc. except their presence as invitees. The District Governor is the only Chief Guest.

Guidelines requirements for all these programs are as under:-

A) Meeting with the President, Secretary and President Elect for 1 (one) hour. Meeting with sponsored Rotaract and Interact committees President and Secretary 30 minutes.
The following records should be kept ready:-
B) Club Charter
C) Club Constitution and Bylaws.
D) Following Documents
1.  Copy of Semi-annual report of 1st July, 2016 and the receipt for payment of RI dues.
2.  Receipt for payment of District dues
3.  If the visit is after 30th September 2016, copies of New Member Form and payment of pro-rata dues details sent to RI.
4.  Updated Classification Roster
5.  Membership List (including Honorary Member) with address and telephone numbers and E-mail address.
6.  List of the Rotarians on Board of Directors, Club Committees and Sub-Committees
7.  Club Plans and objectives in all avenues of service
8.  Club’s Committees Plan
9.  Rotary Foundation Contribution Records.
10. Accounts for 2015-16
11. Budget for 2016-17
12. Reports and data of Matching grant projects
13. Planning Guide for effective Rotary Club duly filled-in
14. Club Bulletin
15. Manual of Procedures & RI Official Directory
16. Information on Rotaract, Interact & RCC sponsored by your Rotary Club

E) Club Assembly: (2 hours) to be attended by all Rotarians of the Club (No guest allowed except concerned Assistant Governor/Deputy Governor) List of Committees with names of Directors, Chairmen and Members. Plans and Objectives of each committee. Report on the projects & activities undertaken in the current Rotary year.

F) General Meeting : (To be attended by Rotarians, families and guests). Copies of agenda of the meeting to DG, AG (At least 7 days before)
Address by the DG should be the last on the agenda to be followed by only vote of thanks, (Exception may be made if it is an Installation Meeting, when chief guest will be the last speaker)
There should not be any other guest speaker if the official visit of the DG is not merged with installation meeting.
Display the Club flag, banner, RI Theme for the year, and The Four-Way Test along with the other banners of the Club.

Note: District Governor may request additional items or issue instructions, if needed. The presence of Assistant Governor is advisable in all the programs.